Courses from the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine

The Constitutional and Therapeutics course and the Materia Medica course are available for free.  Once registered, each course may be viewed immediately by direct streaming or downloaded to create your own DVD.  Taken together, they represent the last class taught by Michael  Moore at the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine, in the spring of  2006.  Michael chose to offer them as individual modules, to afford folks as many choices as possible. 

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Herbal Theraputics and
Constitutional Evaluation

Materia Medica

Each organ system of the body is dealt with in physiologic terms, therapeutic and treatment methods, and constitutional aspects. The specific tonic herbs for each organ system or stress type are presented and explored in depth. The Constitutional Workbook and school manuals, patient record forms, work sheets and intake forms are supplied, as well as specific reference material referred to in the lectures . There are 140 hours of lectures and 12 Lessons. Most lessons contain 6 DVDs of filmed classwork...11-12 hours of classes...along with a quiz for each lesson. The quiz is as much an indication of what’s important as it is a test, and is meant to be completed while viewing the open DVD test.  Quiz answers can be easily checked on line when you are ready.

Cost:  $1,200 for the entire course or $100 per lesson  

Michael's lectures cover the botanical nature of the plants, their habitat, distribution, constituents, what they should look and taste like in commerce, how to grow or gather them, parts used, preferred form of preparation and dosages, therapeutic uses and their stature as remedies. Lectures may be 90 minutes for the Echinaceas, 15 minutes for the Verbenas, 5 minutes for Condurango Root. Video is interspersed with film clips, photographs, distribution maps, etc. (the same way Michael lectured). The number of DVDs is 58 and adjunct CDs is 5. The video lessons  add up to 115 hours, the audio portions covering  secondary plants total about 100 hours. There are 10 lesson sections. Each lesson has a plant guide that outlines preparations, formulas they are commonly used within, and formula preparation methods.  

Cost: $1,000 for the entire course or $100 per lesson


If you purchase both courses,  the cost is $1,800.   For more information click the link (above) to begin the enrollment process.

Clips from both courses are available below to help you select your best option.