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The Life of Michael Moore (January 9, 1941 February 20, 2009)
A photographic montage of Michael Shaw Moore (January 9, 1941- February 20, 2009)
Los Angeles, CA. Michael, age 5 years
Somewhere in the mountains of NM, mid 1970's
At Trujillo Meadows, CO, with Michelle
Michael's Santa Fe, NM Herb Store, Herbs Etc., in the 1970's
Inside Herbs Etc
Michael and his longtime business partner, Chavela, behind the counter at Herbs Etc.
More than one way to smoke a cigarette
Weighing out botanicals at the shop
The first graduating class in Clinical Herbology at the Santa Fe College of Natural Medicine. Stuart Watts at the door, Tierney Salter to the right of Michael.
Michael in the field, 1980's
Somewhere in New Mexico, 1980's
Getting organized for an herb walk, 1980's
Michael leaning on his van, on a picking trip.
Digging out a root, properly
Michael on a field trip with the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine
Michael with Mullein flowers, in the late 1990's.
Strolling through a campground on a SWSBM field trip.
The SWSBM graduating class in 1990.
Michael and his wife, Donna Chesner
Michael with baneberry
Happy in the woods
Making tortillas in Montana
The 1992 SWSBM class in Albuquerque, with Mitch Coven.
Another field lecture, in a southwestern mountain field.
Michael outside of Monticello, NM, in 2007.
Always time to check out information. Somewhere around 2005, in Arizona
Michael and Donna at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum, Superior, AZ.
Bouncing Wild Oat seed.
Lecturing under the trees, Michael's favorite classroom.
In the high mountain meadows of Colorado, with the SWSBM
A shot of Michael and his students, on the calendar of the Patient's Pride Peritoneal Dialysis supply company
The pure joy of being Michael Moore
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