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Michael mooreMichael Moore was one of the great teachers and shapers of the revival of American Herbalism in the second half of the 20th century.   His sense of humor and storytelling prowess were legendary.  The encyclopedic knowledge of plants that he held - after nearly 40 years spent as a scholar, herb trader and picker, ethnobotanist, clinician, teacher, and writer -was unmatched.  He believed in whole plant medicines, promoted the use and understanding of local botanicals, and urged all his students to become proficient herbalists capable of understanding, recognizing, making and employing their own medicines.  Michael loved sharing what he knew, and loved to see folks exited about using what they learned from him.  These courses are the culmination of his life’s work.  They represent the video and audio record of the last Southwest School of Botanical Medicine program that he taught in 2006.   

Thank you, Michael.


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