Ellingwood was a hard-working Chicago physician with many years experience, and an acknowledged expert in ob/gyn medicine. What we would now call "a Networker", he was a vocal advocate of women physicians, and edited Ellingwood's Therapeutist for many years. His brand of Eclectic Medicine, like a Chicago-Style pizza, differed a bit from the Cincinnati style ("smothered, covered and chopped" - a regional joke) as mentored by Scudder, Lloyd, Fyfe and Felter.
This is a serious medical text from the early 20th century, it was intended for practicing physicians and surgeons, and can be hair-raising at times. Remember: No antibiotics, no cardiac monitors, no CAT-scans, no blood-glucose stick tests, no sulfa drugs, no machines that go "beep"...old fashioned physicianing when heart monitoring was done artfully with a stethoscope and physical diagnosis, not lab tests, was King. There is good now, there was good then...but then, you KNOW that already.
These files are organized in the same manner as in Ellingwood's original text. I used to hate this format of his, but I have come to understand a bit better why he listed them by organ systems, even though most herbs have multisystemic effects. Several section I deleted as they dealt solely with chemicals, but in the sections that compare herbs and drugs/chemicals, I retained all the material. All files are bookmarked Acrobat .pdf files
They can also be viewed as html, thanks to Henriette Kress, at http://www.ibiblio.org/herbmed/eclectic/ellingwood/main.html

Group I - Agents Acting on the Nervous System - 205 pages - 432K
1-5-Minor nerve tonics.pdf
1-7-Reproductive Sedatives.pdf
2-1-Nerve Stimulants.pdf
2-3-Circulatory Stimulants.pdf
3-1-Tonic Stimulants.pdf
3-2-Sedative Stimulants.pdf
Antipyretics chart.pdf - 20k
Group II - Agents Acting Upon the Heart - 40 pages - 92K
1-Heart Agents.pdf
2-Heart Agents.pdf
Heart Remedy Chart.pdf
Group III - Agents Acting Upon the Respiratory Tract - 53 pages - 120K
1-Nauseating Expectorants.pdf
2-Mucosa Stimulants.pdf
3-Mucosa Stimulants.pdf
4-Sedatives and Tonics.pdf
5-Sedatives and Tonics.pdf
Group IV - Agents Acting upon the Stomach - 57 pages - 128K
2-Minor Stomach Tonics.pdf
3-GI Sedatives.pdf
Group V - Agents Acting upon the Intestinal Glandular Organs and the Canal - 84 pages - 188K
2-Liver Stimulants.pdf
3-Mild Liver Stimulants.pdf
4-Hydragogue Caragogue Cathartics.pdf
6-Intestinal Astringents.pdf
7-Astringent Tonics.pdf
8-Hemostatic Astringents.pdf
Liver Herb Chart.pdf
Group VI - Agents Influencing the Character of the Blood - 90 pages - 204K
1-Antiseptic Alteratives.pdf
2-Glandular Alteratives.pdf
3-Special Glandulars.pdf
4-Antiseptic Alteratives.pdf
5-Special Alteratives.pdf
6-Antirheumatic Alteratives.pdf
Group VII - Agents Acting Upon the Genitourinary Organs - 62 pages - 140K
1-Renal Stimulants.pdf
2-Renal Stimulants.pdf
5-Renal Correctives.pdf
6-Renal Correctives.pdf
7-Special remedies.pdf
Group VIII - Agents Used for Their Influence Upon the Skin - 19 pages - 56K
Group IX - Agents Acting upon the Female Reproductive Organs - 22 pages - 60K
Reproductive Herb Chart.pdf
Group X - Agents Acting upon Intestinal Parasites-Anthelmintics - 10 pages - 32K

Ellingwood's Materia Medica - 470 pages - 1M
The complete PLANT or plant derivative monographs, in alphabetical order (no drugs or chemicals)

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