Britton & Brown Illustrated Flora - 2nd Edition (1913)
An Illustrated Flora of the Northern United States and Canada
Medicinal Plant excerpts
Nathaniel Lord Britton (1857-1934) was the first director-in-chief of The New York Botanical Garden and a giant of a taxonomist. From 1896 to 1898 he published the three-volume landmark floristic study An Illustrated Flora of the Northern United States and Canada (Brown financed it), and revised it again in 1913. There are about 4,600 monographs, each illustrated, with a terse taxonomic description and approximate distribution...little capsuled data kernels that I have scanned and updated botanically. It was revised in 1956 by Gleason, but that version is still copyrighted, so here I am with these three monster books from 1913. Dover has also published these titles, which are still readily available...haven't seen them, just have my three big maroon volumes.
I have extracted all the plants that have substantial therapeutic use, either pharmaceutical or herbal, by the eclectic or physio-medicalist or homeopathic medical sects of the time, or that have widespread former or current Native American use. I have cut some corners...there are 39 Salix monographs, all willows are useful, so I have included the four most widely used species. Some herbs may seem obscure, but I know them to be of value. Some plants are at risk or endangered...were then, are now. I just figure knowledge is power, and as much of this site is heavily tilted towards the North American West, this is some broadening of scope.
All files are gifs, and approximately 1000 X 650 pixels and 30 to 40 K in size.
VOLUME II - Amaranthaceae to Loganaceae
Abronia_fragrans.gif - White Abronia, White Sand Verbena
Abutilon_theophrasti.gif - Indian Mallow
Acacia_angustissima.gif - Prairie Acacia
Acalypha_ostryifolia.gif - Three-seed Mercury
Acalypha_virginica.gif - Wild Mercury
Acer_negundo.gif - Box Elder
Acer_nigrum.gif - Black Sugar Maple
Acer_pennsylvanicum.gif - Striped or Northern Maple
Acer_saccarum.gif - Sugar Maple
Aconitum_noveboracense.gif - New York Monkshood
Aconitum_reclinatum.gif - Trailing Aconite, Trailing Wolfbane
Aconitum_uncinatum.gif - Wild Monkshood, Wild Wolfbane
Actaea_alba.gif - Red Baneberry
Actaea_rubra.gif - White Baneberry, Doll's Eyes
Adonis_annua.gif - Pheasant's Eye, Blooddrops
Aesculus_glabra.gif - Ohio Buckeye
Aesculus_hippocastanum.gif - Horse Chestnut
Aesculus_pavia.gif - Red Buckeye
Aethusa_cynapium.gif - Fool's Parsely
Agrimonia_gryposepala.gif - Tall Hairy Agrimony
Agrimonia_striata.gif - Roadside Agrimony
Agrostemma_githago.gif - Corn Cockle
Ailanthus_altissima.gif - Tree of Heaven
Albizia_julibrissin.gif - Silk Tree, "Mimosa"
Althea_officinalis.gif - Marsh Mallow
Amaranthus_hybridus.gif - Slim Amaranth
Amaranthus_palmeri.gif - Palmer's Amaranth, Alegría
Amaranthus_retroflexus.gif - Green Amaranth
Amelanchier_alnifolia.gif - Saskatoon Serviceberry
Amelanchier_canadensis.gif - Northern Serviceberry
Ammi_majus.gif - Bishop's Weed
Amorpha_canescens.gif - Leadplant, Buffalo Roar
Amorpha_fruticosa.gif - False Indigo
Anagallis_arvensis.gif - Scarlet Pimpernel
Anemone_canadensis.gif - Canadian Anemone,
Anemone_cylindrica.gif - Candle Anemone,
Anemone_virginiana.gif - Tall Anemone
Anethum_graveolens.gif - Dill
Angelica_atropurpurea.gif - Great Angelica
Angelica_lucida.gif - Angelica archangelica, Archangel
Angelica_triquinata.gif - Filmy Angelica
Angelica_venenosa.gif - Angelica hirsuta, Hairy Angelica
Aphanes_arvensis.gif - Parsley Piert
Apium_graveolens.gif - Celery
Aquilegia_canadensis.gif - Wild or Red Columbine
Arabis_drummondii.gif - Drummond's Rock Cress
Arabis_glabra.gif - Tower Rock Cress
Aralia_hispida.gif - Bristly Aralia, Bristly "Sarsaparilla"
Aralia_nudicaulis.gif - Wild "Sarsaparilla", Northern Spikenard
Aralia_racemosa.gif - American Spikenard
Aralia_spinosa.gif - Devil's Walking Stick, Hercules' Club, Prickly Elder, Toothache Tree
Arctostaphylos_uva-ursi.gif - Uva Ursi, Bearberry, "Kinnikinnick"
Arenaria_fendleri.gif - Fendler's Sandwort
Argemone_albiflora.gif - White Prickly Poppy
Argemone_mexicana.gif - Mexican Prickly Poppy
Argemone_polyanthemos.gif - Crested Prickly Poppy
Argentina_anserina.gif - Potentilla anserina, Silverweed
Armoracia_rusticana.gif - Horseradish
Aruncus_dioicus-vulgaris.gif - Goat's Beard
Asimina_triloba.gif - Papaw, Custard Apple
Astragalus_americanus.gif - American Milkvetch
Astragalus_canadensis.gif - Canadian or Carolina Milkvetch
Astragalus_crassicarpus.gif - Groundplum Milkvetch
Atriplex_argentea.gif - Silverscale Saltbush
Atriplex_canescens.gif - Four Wing Saltbush
Baptisia_alba.gif - White False Indigo
Baptisia_australis.gif - Blue False Indigo
Baptisia_leucantha.gif - Great False Indigo
Baptisia_tinctoria.gif - False or Wild Indigo
Barbarea_vulgaris.gif - Yellow Rocket, Bitter Cress
Berberis_canadensis.gif - American Barberry
Berberis_vulgaris.gif - European Barberry
Berchemia_scandens.gif - Rhamnus scandens, Supplejack, Buckthorn Vine
Brassica_campestris.gif - Turnip
Brassica_juncea.gif - Indian Mustard
Brassica_nigra.gif - Black Mustard
Callirhoe_involucrata.gif - Purple Poppy-Mallow, Claret Cup
Caltha_palustris.gif - Marsh Marigold
Calycanthus_floridus.gif - Eastern Sweetshrub, Strawberry Bush
Capsella_bursa-pastoris.jpg - Shepherd's Purse
Cardamine_concatenata.gif - Dentaria concatenata, Toothwort
Cardamine_diphylla.gif - Dentaria diphylla, Two-leaved Toothwort
Carum_carvi.gif - Caraway
Cassia_marilandica.gif - Senna marilandica, American Senna
Cassia_obtusifolia.gif - Senna obtusifolia, Low Senna
Caulophyllum_thalictroides.gif - Blue Cohosh
Ceanothus_americanus.gif - New Jersey Tea, Red Root
Ceanothus_herbaceus.gif - New Jersey Tea, Red Root, Grub Root
Celastrus_scandens.gif - American Bittersweet, Staff Tree
Centella_asiatica.gif - Marsh Pennywort, Gotu Kola, Brahmi (see also Bacopa monnieri, Vol. 3)
Cerastium_alpinum.gif - Alpine Chickweed
Cerastium_arvense.gif - Meadow Chickweed
Cerastium_vulgatum.gif - Common Chickweed
Cercis_canadensis.gif - Red Bud
Cercocarpus_montanus.gif - Mountain Mahogony
Chamaecrista_fasciculata.gif - Cassia fasciculata, Partridge Pea, Prairie Senna
Chamaesyce_fendleri.gif - Fendler's Spurge or Sandmat
Chamaesyce_maculata.gif - Spotted Spurge or Sandmat
Chamaesyce_serpyllifolia.gif - Thyme-leaved Spurge
Chelidonium_majus.gif - Greader Celandine
Chenopodium_album.gif - Lamb's Quarters, Quelites
Chenopodium_ambrosioides.gif - American Wormseed,, Epazote
Chenopodium_botrys.gif - Jerusalem oak, Yerba de Zorilla
Chionanthus_virginica.gif - Fringe Tree
Cicuta_maculata.gif - Water Hemlock
Cimicifuga_americana.gif - American Bugbane, Black Cohosh
Cimicifuga_racemosa.gif - Black Cohosh
Claytonia_virginica.gif - Spring Beauty
Clematis_crispa.gif - Marsh Leather Flower
Clematis_ligusticifolia.gif - Western Virgin's Bower
Clematis_pitcheri.gif - Leather Flower
Clematis_scottii.gif - Clematis hirsutissima var. scottii, Scott's Leather Flower
Clematis_virginiana.gif - Virgin's Bower
Cleome_serrulata.gif - Rocky Mountain Bee Plant
Clethra_acuminata.gif - Sweet Pepper Bush
Cnidoscolus_stimulosus.gif - Bull Nettle, Finger Rot, Mala Mujer
Cocculus_carolinus.gif - Carolina Moonseed
Cochlearia_officinalis.gif - Scurvy Grass
Comarum_palustre.gif - Potentilla Palustris, Marsh Cinquefoil
Conium_maculatum.gif - Poison Hemlock
Coptis_trifolia.gif - Goldthread
Coriandrum_sativum.gif - Coriander
Cornus_alternifolia.gif - Alternate-leaved Dogwood, Green Osier
Cornus_amomum.gif - Swamp Dogwood, Silky Cornel, Kinnikinnick
Cornus_canadensis.gif - Bunchberry
Cornus_florida.gif - Flowering Dogwood
Cornus_rugosa.gif - Alder-leaved or Round-leaved Dogwood
Cornus_sericea.gif - Cornus stolonifera, Red Osier, Red Willow, Kinnikinnick
Corydalis_aurea.gif - Golden Smoke
Corydalis_sempervirens.gif - Pink Corydalis, Rock Harlequin,
Crataegus_chrysocarpa.gif - Fireberry Hawthorn
Crataegus_cruz-galli.gif - Cockspur Hawthorn,
Crataegus_douglasii.gif - Black Hawthorn
Crataegus_monogyna.gif - Oneseeded Hawthorn
Crataegus_pruinosa.gif - Waxyfruit Hawthorn,
Crotalaria_sagittalis.gif - Rattle-box
Croton_texensis.gif - Texas Croton, Guaco (NM)
Cymopterus_montanus.gif - Mountain Parsley
Cytisus_scoparius.gif - Scotch Broom
Dalea_aurea.gif - Golden Prairie Clover
Dalea_purpurea.gif - Purple Prairie Clover
Daphne_mezereum.gif - Mezereon, Spurge Laurel
Daucus_carota.gif - Wild Carrot, Queen Anne's Lace
Decodon_verticillatus.gif - Swamp Loosestrife
Desmanthus_illinoensis.gif - Illinois Mimosa, Prairie Bundleflower
Desmodium_illinoense.gif - Illinois Ticktrefoil,
Desmodium_nudiflorum.gif - Nakedflower Ticktrefoil,
Dicentra_canadensis.gif - Turkey Corn
Dicentra_cucullaria.gif - Dutchman's Breeches, Turkey Corn
Diospyros_virginiana.gif - Persimmon
Diphylleia_cymosa.gif - Umbrella-leaf
Dirca_palustris.gif - Leatherwood
Drosera_intermedia.gif - Spoonleaf Sundew
Drosera_linearis.gif - Slenderleaf Sundew,
Drosera_rodundifolia.gif - Roundleaf Sundew
Empetrum_nigrum.gif - Black Crowberry
Epigaea_repens.gif - Trailing Arbutus
Epilobium_angustifolium.gif - Fireweed, Great Willow Herb
Epilobium_hirsutum.gif - Hairy Great Willow Herb
Eranthis_hyemalis.gif - Helleborus hyemalis, Hellebore, Winter Aconite
Erodium_cicutarium.gif - Storksbill, Alfiliria
Eryngium_aquaticum.gif - Virginia or Water Eryngo, Rattlesnake Master
Eryngium_leavenworthii.gif - Leavenworth's Eryngo,
Eryngium_yuccifolium.gif - Rattlesnake Master, Button Snakeroot
Erysimum_capitatum.gif - Western Wall-flower
Euonymus_americana.gif - Strawberry Bush, Burning Bush
Euonymus_atropurpurea.gif - Wahoo, Burning Bush
Euonymus_europaea.gif - Spindle Tree
Euonymus_obovatus.gif - Running Strawberry Bush
Euphorbia_corollata.gif - Flowering Spurge
Euphorbia_ipecacuanhae.gif - Wild Ipecac
Filipendula_rubra.gif - Queen of the Prairie
Filipendula_ulmaria.gif - Queen of the Meadow
Foeniculum_vulgare.gif - Fennel
Fragaria_vesca.gif - Wood Strawberry
Fragaria_virginiana.gif - Virginia Strawberry
Fraxinus_americanus.gif - White Ash
Fraxinus_nigra.gif - Black or Brown Ash
Fraxinus_pennsylvanica.gif - Green Ash
Fumaria_officinalis.gif - Fumitory
Gaultheria_procumbens.gif - Wintergreen
Gaura_coccinea.gif - Scarlet Gaura, Yerba de la Vírgen
Gaura_parviflora.gif - Small-flowered Gaura
Gaylussacia_baccata.gif - Black Huckleberry
Gelsemium_sempervirens.gif - Gelsemium, Yellow Jessamine
Genista_tinctoria.gif - Dyer's Broom
Geranium_maculatum.gif - Wild Geranium, Spotted Cranesbill
Geranium_robertianum.gif - Herb Robert
Geum_macrophyllum.gif - Large-leaved Avens
Geum_rivale.gif - Water Avens
Gillenia_stipulata.gif - Porteranthus stipulatus, American Ipecac, Indian Physic, Bowman's Root
Gillenia_trifoliata.gif - Porteranthus trifoliatus, Indian Physic, Bowman's Root
Glaucium_flavum.gif - Yellow Horned Poppy
Glaux_maritima.gif - Sea Milkwort
Gleditsia_triacanthos.gif - Honey or Black Locust
Glycyrrhiza_lepidota.gif - American Licorice
Gymnocladus_dioica.gif - Kentucky Coffeetree
Hamamelis_virginiana.gif - Witch Hazel
Helianthemum_canadense.gif - Rock-rose, Frostwort
Helianthemum_corymbosum.gif - Pinebarren Frostweed
Helleborus_viridis.gif - Christmas Rose, Green Hellebore
Hepatica_nobilis_acuta.gif - Heart-leaved Liverwort
Hepatica_nobilis_obtusa.gif - Round-leaved Liverwort
Heracleum_lanatum.gif - Cow Parsnip
Heuchera_americana.gif - American Alumroot
Heuchera_parviflora.gif - Littleflowered Alumroot
Heuchera_richardsonii.gif - Rough Alumroot
Heuchera_villosa.gif - Hairy Alumroot
Hibiscus_moscheutos.gif - Swamp Rose Mallow
Hydrangea_arborescens.gif - Wild Hydrangea
Hydrastis_canadensis.gif - Golden Seal
Hydrocotyle_umbellata.gif - Many-flowered Marsh Pennywort
Hypericum_ascyron.gif - Great St. John's Wort
Hypericum_densiflorum.gif - Bushy St. John's Wort
Hypericum_hypericoides.gif - St. Andrew's Cross
Hypericum_perforatum.gif - St. John's Wort, Klamath Weed
Hypericum_punctatum.gif - Spotted St. John's Wort
Ilex_opaca.gif - American or White Holly
Ilex_verticillata.gif - Prinos verticillata, Black Alder, Feverbush
Ilex_vomitoria.gif - Yaupon, Cassena
Iliamna_rivularis-rivularis.gif - Streamside Hollyhock, Great Globemallow,
Impatiens_capensis.gif - Spotted Touch-me-not or Jewelweed
Impatiens_pallida.gif - Pale Touch-me-not or Jewelweed
Jeffersonia_diphylla.gif - Twin-leaf
Kallstroemia_parviflora.gif - Greater Caltrop, Sore-eye Poopy, Contrayerba (NM)
Kalmia_angustifolia.gif - Sheep Laurel
Kalmia_latifolia.gif - Mountain Laurel
Kalmia_polifolia.gif - Swamp Laurel
Kosteletzkya_virginica.gif - Virginia Salt Marshmallow
Krameria_lanceolata.gif - Range Rhatany
Lathyrus_venosus.gif - Veiny Pea
Ledum_groenlandicum.gif - Labrador Tea
Ledum_palustre-decumbens.gif - Narrow-leaved Labrador Tea
Lepidium_sativum.gif - Garden Peppergrass
Lepidium_virginicum.gif - Wild Peppergrass
Lespedeza_capitata.gif - Round-headed Bush-clover
Leucothoe_axillaris.gif - Coastal Doghobble
Levisticum_officinale.gif - Ligusticum levisticum, Lovage
Ligusticum_canadense.gif - Canadian Wild Lovage
Ligusticum_scoticum.gif - Sea Lovage
Ligustrum_vulgare.gif - Privet
Lindera_benzoin.gif - Spice or Benjamin Bush
Linum_catharticum.gif - Cathartic Flax
Linum_lewisii.gif - Western Flax
Linum_usitatissimum.gif - Common Flax
Liquidambar_styraciflua.gif - Sweet Gum
Liriodendron_tulipifera.gif - Tulip tree
Lychnis_alba.gif - White Campion
Lysimachia_quadriflora.gif - Crosswort Loosestrife
Lythrum_salicaria.gif - Purple Loosestrife
Magnolia_acuminata.gif - Mountain Magnolia, Cucumber Tree
Magnolia_macrophylla.gif - Great-leaved Magnolia
Magnolia_tripetala.gif - Sweetbay Magnolia
Magnolia_virginiana.gif - Swamp Laurel, White Magnolia
Mahonia_aquifolium.gif - Oregon Grape, or more precisely, M. aquifolium, var repens, or Creeping Barberry
Malus_coronaria.gif - Southern Crab Apple
Malus_sylvestris.gif - Apple
Malva_crispa.gif - Curly Mallow
Malva_moschata.gif - Musk Mallow
Malva_neglecta.gif - Common Mallow, Cheeseplant
Malva_sylvestris.gif - High Mallow
Medicago_sativa.gif - Alfalfa, Lucerne
Melilotus_albus.gif - White Sweet-clover
Melilotus_officinalis.gif - Yellow Sweet-clover
Menispermum_canadense.gif - Canada Moonseed
Mentzelia_albicaulis.gif - White-stemmed Blazing Star
Mercurialis_annua.gif - Herb Mercury
Mitella_diphylla.gif - Bishop's Cap, Mitrewort
Moneses_uniflora.gif - Single-flowered Wintergreen
Monotropa_hypopithys.gif - Pinesap, Beechdrops
Monotropa_uniflora.gif - Indian Pipe
Nelumbo_lutea.gif - American Lotus
Nelumbo_nucifera.gif - Sacred Lotus
Nemopanthus_mucronatus.gif - Vaccinium mucronatum, Wild Holly
Nuphar_lutea_advena.gif - Yellow Pond Lily
Nymphaea_odorata.gif - White Pond Lily
Nymphaea_tetragona.gif - Small Water Lily
Nyssa_sylvatica.gif - Black Gum Tupelo
Oenothera_biennis.gif - Common Evening Primrose
Oenothera_cespitosa.gif - Tufted Evening Primrose
Oenothera_parviflora.gif - Small-flowered Evening Primrose
Oplopanax_horridus.gif - Echinopanax horridus, Devil's Club
Opuntia_fragilis.gif - Brittle Prickly Pear
Opuntia_humifusa-humifusa.gif - Eastern Prickly Pear, Indian Fig
Opuntia_humifusa.gif - Wstern Prickly Pear
Opuntia_polyacantha.gif - Plains Prickly Pear
Osmorhiza_claytonii.gif - Clayton's Sweet Cicely
Osmorhiza_longistylis.gif - Sweet Cicely
Oxalis_acetosella.gif - White woodsorrel
Oxalis_violacea.gif - Violet Woodsorrel
Oxydendrum_arboreum.gif - Sourwood
Panax_quinquefolium.gif - American Ginseng
Panax_trifolium.gif - Dwarf Ginseg
Papaver_rhoeas.gif - Red Poppy
Papaver_somniferum.gif - Opium Poppy
Parthenocissus_quinquefolia.gif - Virginia Creeper
Passiflora_incarnata.gif - Passion Flower
Passiflora_lutea.gif - Yellow Passion Flower
Pastinaca_sativa.gif - Parsnip
Paxistima_canbyi.gif - Mountain Lover
Pentaphylloides_floribunda.gif - Potentilla fruticosa, Bush Potentilla
Penthorum_sedoides.gif - Virginia Stonecrop
Persea_borbonia.gif - Sweet Bay
Petroselinum_crispum.gif - Garden Parsley
Peucedanum_ostruthium.gif - Imperatoria ostruthium, Masterwort
Phyllanthus_caroliniensis.gif - Carolina Leaf Flower
Physaria_brassicoides.gif - Double Twinpod
Physocarpus_opulifolius.gif - Ninebarks
Phytolacca_americana.gif - American Poke
Pimpinella_saxifraga.gif - Burnet Saxifrage
Polanisia_dodecandra.gif - Clammy Weed
Polygala_alba.gif - White Snakeroot or White Milkwort
Polygala_senega.gif - Senega Snakeroot
Portulaca_oleracea.gif - Purslane
Potentilla_arguta-arguta.gif - Tall Cinquefoil
Potentilla_canadensis.gif - Dwarf Cinquefoil
Potentilla_hippiana.gif - Woolly Cinquefoil
Potentilla_simplex.gif - Common Cinquefoil
Prosopis_glandulosa.gif - Mesquite
Prunus_americana.gif - American Plum
Prunus_angustifolia.gif - Chickasaw Plum
Prunus_cerasus.gif - Sour Cherry
Prunus_pennsylvanica.gif - Pin Cherry
Prunus_persica.gif - Peach
Prunus_virginiana-melan.gif - Black Chokecherry
Prunus_virginiana-virgin.gif - Chokecherry
Psoralea_esculenta.gif - Breadroot, Contrayerba
Psoralea_lanceolata.gif - Lemon Scurfpea
Psoralea_tenuiflora.gif - Slimflower Scurfpea
Ptelea_trifoliata.gif - Wafer Ash, Hop Tree
Pulsatilla_patens.gif - Anemone patens, Pulsatilla, Pasque Flower
Pyrola_americana.gif - American Shinleaf
Pyrola_asarifolia-asarifoli.gif - Bog Wintergreen
Pyrola_asarifolia.gif - Liverleaf Wintegreen
Pyrola_chlorantha.gif - Green Pyrola
Pyrola_elliptica.gif - Shinleaf
Pyrola_minor.gif - Lesser Shinleaf or Wintergreen
Pyrola_secunda.gif - One-sided Pyrola
Ranunculus_abortivus.gif - Littleleaf Buttercup,
Ranunculus_acris.gif - Tall Buttercup
Ranunculus_bulbosus.gif - St. Anthony's Turnip,
Reseda_luteola.gif - Yellow Mignonette,
Rhamnus_alnifolia.gif - Alder-leaved Buckthorn
Rhamnus_caroliniana.gif - Carolina Buckthorn
Rhamnus_cathartica.gif - Buckthorn
Rhamnus_frangula.gif - Frangula alnus, Frangula Buckthorn
Rhexia_virginica.gif - Meadow Beauty
Rhododendron_maximum.gif - Great Laurel
Rhus_aromatica.gif - Fragrant or Sweet Sumach
Rhus_copallinum.gif - Flameleaf Sumach
Rhus_glabra.gif - Smooth Sumach
Rhus_hirta.gif - Staghorn Sumach
Rhus_trilobata.gif - Skunk Bush, Lemita
Ribes_americana.gif - Black Currant
Ribes_glandulosum.gif - Skunk Currant
Ribes_inebrians.gif - Ribes cereum var. pedicellare, Whiskey Corrant
Ribes_lacustre.gif - Swamp Gooseberry
Ribes_rotundifolium.gif - Eastern Gooseberry
Ricinus_communis.gif - Castor Bean
Robinia_hispida.gif - Bristly Locust
Robinia_pseudo-acacia.gif - Black Locust
Rorippa nasturtium-aquat.gif - Watercress
Rosa_canina.gif - Dog Rose
Rosa_virginiana.gif - Pasture Rose
Rosa_woodsii.gif - Wood's Rose
Rubus_allegheniensis.gif - Mountain Blackberry
Rubus_idaeus-strigosus.gif - Wild Red Raspberry
Rubus_occidentalis.gif - Black Raspberry
Rubus_odoratus.gif - Purple-flowered Raspberry
Rubus_parviflorus.gif - Salmonberry
Salsola_kali.gif - Russian Thistle, Tumbleweed
Sanguinaria_canadensis.gif - Bloodroot
Sanicula_canadensis.gif - Canadian Black Sanicle
Sanicula_marilandica.gif - Black Sanicle
Sapindus_saponaria.gif - Soapberry
Saponaria_officinalis.gif - Soapwort, Bouncing Bet
Sarcobatus_vermiculatus.gif - Greasewood
Sarracenia_purpurea.gif - Pitcher Plant
Sassafras_albidum.gif - Sassafrass
Saxifraga_pensylvanica.gif - Pennsylvania Saxifrage
Sedum_acre.gif - Stonecrop
Sedum_rosea.gif - Rhodiola rosea, Roseroot
Sedum_telephioides.gif - American Orpine
Sedum_ternatum.gif - Wild Stonecrop
Sempervivum_tectorum.gif - Houseleek
Shepherdia_argentea.gif - Buffalo Berry
Shepherdia_canadensis.gif - Canadian Buffalo Berry
Sida_hederacea.gif - Malvella leprosa, Alkali Mallow
Sideroxylon_lanuginosum.gif - Bumelia lanuginosa, Gum Bully
Sideroxylon_lycioides.gif - Bumelia lycioides, Buckthorn Bully
Silene_acaulis.gif - Moss Campion
Silene_latifolia.gif - Bladder Campion
Silene_stellata.gif - Starry Campion
Sinapis_arvensis.gif - Charlock, Wild Mustard
Sium_suave.gif - Hemlock Water Parsnip
Sophora_nuttalliana.gif - Silky Mescal Bean
Sorbus_americana.gif - American Mountain Ash
Sphaeralcea_angustifolia.gif - Narrow-leaved Globemallow, Yerba del Negro
Sphaeralcea_coccinea.gif - Scarlet Globemallow, Yerba de la Negrita
Spigelia_marylandica.gif - Pink Root, Carolina Pink
Spiraea_alba.gif - White Meadowsweet, White Hardhack
Spiraea_tomentosa.gif - Hardhack, Steeplebush
Stanleya_pinnata.gif - Prince's Plume
Staphylea_trifolia.gif - American Bladdernut
Stellaria_longipes.gif - Longstalk Chickweed or Starwort
Stellaria_media.gif - Common Chickweed
Stillingia_sylvatica.gif - Stillingia, Queen's Root, Yaw Root
Stylophorum_diphyllum.gif - Celandine Poppy
Styrax_americana.gif - American Storax
Symplocos_tinctoria.gif - Sweetleaf
Syringa_vulgaris.gif - Lilac
Tephrosia_virginiana.gif - Goat's Rue, Devil's Shoestring
Thalictrum_dalictrum_dasycarpum.gif - Tall Meadow Rue
Thalictrum_dioicum.gif - Spring Meadow Rue
Thalictrum_thalictroides.gif - Rue Anemone
Thermopsis_rhombifolia.gif - Prairie Thermopsis
Thlaspi_arvense.gif - Field Pennycrest
Tilia_americana-heterophyll.gif - White Basswood
Tilia_americana.gif - American Linden, Basswood
Toxicodendron_pubescens.gif - Poison Oak
Toxicodendron_radicans.gif - Poison Ivy
Toxicodendron_vernix.gif - Poison Sumach
Tragia_nepaetifolia.gif - Tragia ramosa, Catnip Noseburn
Trautvetteria_caroliniensis.gif - False Bugbane
Tribulus_terrestris.gif - Puncture Vine
Trifolium_pratense.gif - Red Clover
Trifolium_repens.gif - White Clover
Trollius_laxus.gif - Globeflower
Vaccinium_arboreum.gif - Farkleberry
Vaccinium_cespitosum.gif - Dwarf Bilberry
Vaccinium_corymbosum.gif - Highbush Blueberry
Vaccinium_macrocarpon.gif - American Cranberry
Vaccinium_ovalifolium.gif - Tall Bilberry
Vaccinium_oxycoccos.gif - Small Cranberry
Vaccinium_uliginosum.gif - Bog Whortleberry or Bilberry
Vaccinium_vitis-idaea.gif - Lingonberry
Viola_canadensis.gif - Canada Violet
Viola_odorata.gif - Sweet Violet
Viola_pedata.gif - Birdsfoot Violet
Viola_pubescens.gif - Hairy Yellow Violet
Viola_rafinesquei.gif - Field Pansy
Viola_sagittata.gif - Arrow-leaved Violet
Viola_tricolor.gif - Pansy, Heartsease
Vitis_aestivalis.gif - Summer Grape
Vitis_labrusca.gif - Fox Grape
Vitis_vulpina.gif - Frost Grape
Xanthorhiza_simplicissima.gif - Yellow Root
Zanthoxylum_americanum.gif - Prickly Ash
Zanthoxylum_clava-herculis.gif - Southern Prickly Ash, Hercules' Club
Zizia_aurea.gif - Golden Alexanders
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VOLUME I - Ophioglossaceae to Polygonaceae
VOLUME III - Gentianaceae to Compositae
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